Adult Colouring Book For Mindfulness

Colouring for Adults is a very nice way to take ones mind off thoughts for a while. It helps to stop the chatter in the mind and allows one to focus on an enjoyable creative task. Now the “non artist” gets to appreciate the beauty of art from the inside out. Make a habit out of this pastime and it becomes a form of meditation or tool for mindfulness.

Making The Most Of Your Adult Colouring Book

Remember the intention behind buying an adult colouring book. If you are thinking of purchasing an adult colouring book or already own one use the following guidelines.

■☆ take time in the selection of colouring pencils

■☆ try your best to colour lightly, not pressing too firmly into the paper

■☆ try your best to focus on neatness as you colour, paying attention to boundaries within the images

■☆ Set aside a time slot each day for at least 15 minutes that you will devote to colouring

■☆ Attempt to clear all chatter from your mind as you put pencil to paper and begin to colour

Using the above guidelines will help to increase focus and mindfulness whilst you are engaged in the colouring process. The activity should be fun and engaging.   If you are not engaged and are performing half heartedly, the results will be “scruffy”, this will prove lack of focus which will defeat the objective! Never beat yourself up though perhaps your mind is elsewhere. Try to re-engage.

Mind Still Busy When Colouring? Can’t Focus?

Try some simple journaling for 15 minutes before resuming colouring. Get a notepad and pen and simply pour out the thoughts that are bothering you or occur to you. Write these all down in your notepad. Continue to write until you have reached the end of three A4 sides of paper or you have exhausted what you wished to “talk about”.  Trash the pages you have just written. This has the effect of clearing your mind and getting you ready for the next activity in your day.

Back To Adult Colouring

Again. Give yourself time and space to enjoy the process. If you have children make this a fun time for the whole family to colour together.


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