Are You king And Queen Of Your Empire

The answer to “Are you king and queen of your Empire?” should be a resounding yes! The empire that I speak of is not land, people or any object that you might think. If you have read any of my work you will know or have guessed that the empire I speak of is your mind.

I think we are all crazy at least some of the time. So crazy that we live way beneath our true potential, becoming addicted, depressed, doing what we know to be wrong but doing those things anyway. Are you guilty of becoming stressed and anxious over things you ought not to. Or perhaps we self harm by regularly overeating and causing our bodies to become sick. If you have been on this earth for long enough you/we have been guilty of some of these things. That is not to label or judge anyone bad for having those experiences, these are times when we can learn the most. We learn what makes us tick. We learn what our triggers are. We learn what is most important to us. Soon we find there are fewer and fewer triggers. Soon we find that what we once thought was important is not really important after all. In actual fact many of these problems are constructs of our own mind. This is why it is important to realise that you are in fact the king of your empire or mind and the thoughts within the mind are the subjects.

If you truly are king and queen of your empire, should you not be sat on the thrown, in a non engaging manner, observing your subjects(mind thoughts). Your minds thoughts are your subjects, I repeat, because that is the analogy I would like to make clear. Many of the issues related to stress and anxiety and so forth could be so much lighter if only we would engage less with our subjects(minds thoughts) and simply observe from that thrown so to speak.

We, that is the REAL we not the mind, is there to observe and not engage with the thoughts of the mind, not analyse the subjects(thoughts in the mind), not judge the subjects, not argue with the subjects. Have you done any of those things with your subjects before. You bad person lol. Allow your subjects the freedom to express themselves until they come to a natural peace and quiet. Of course it is easier said than done, we have been engaging with the content of the mind forever! It has become an addiction. And addictions take time to cure. But once we have identified the “problem”, it is half solved and we are on our way to a more peaceful existence with ourselves.

This is one way I know of reminding myself that I am not my thoughts. It is the same when you remember that the bully, the manipulator, narcissist etc have unresolved pain issues. When you remember they have a pain body issue they become less frightening and not frightening at all. So if we remember that the mind’s thoughts are our subjects after all, we need not think that it has power over us. They are our subjects and we reign over our subjects.

Can you see how separating yourself from your thoughts, it is much easier to place yourself in the position of observer and watcher of thoughts, rather than being at the mercy of your thoughts.

Try this each time you get carried away in thought, to bring yourself back out if your head and into the reality of the present moment. Experiment with this concept each time you wash the dishes, if you do them manually of course. You can try it with any “mindless” activity. Try it with any activity you know does not require thought, but where thinking can and does often run amok.

Will you take the challenge today and become mindful, remembering who you are, remembering that you are separate from your thoughts. Your thoughts are subjects not to be engaged with, only to be observed from a distance. Lest you become carried away by thought. Let the subjects pass by one by one as you watch. Eventually, there will be bigger and bigger space between your subjects. What was once a crowded moving mass of subjects will become sparse. More peace attained.

Bless you all and peace to all. If you like this piece, please leave a comment.

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