Becoming Your Higher Self

I read a post today regarding distractions that politicians throw our way that prevents people from seeing the big picture, keeping us worried and afraid instead of empowered individuals. They scaremonger so that we will think, act and vote in a certain way. The crazy thing is we do this to each other and worst still to ourselves! I started to recognise how different forms of distractions seek to disempower us and keep us from becoming our higher selves. It is played out in minute detail in our personal lives and have nothing to do with politicians.

Every time we worry about how we are being viewed by another human being, this is a distraction. The worry takes up our time and energy and “forces” us to focus entirely on the strong things. Our focus ought to be on the things which uplift us, the things that make us feel good, instead we are distracted by worry, being too focussed on worry and pain. In doing so we are deliberately draining our own energy. Is there not something crazy about that?

We do have a choice on who and what we focus on.

Every time we think about things or people that are not serving us, ie that do not have our best interest in their hearts, we become distracted, worrisome, or even fearing the consequences of what may or may not happen. Instead of focusing on the bogeyman, let us turn our attention to the people we can depend on. Let us turn our attention to the things which make us happy instead.

Everytime we focus on past guilt, past mistakes, past errors, these are distractions that keep us from reaching our highest joyous states. This is a form of self hate. No less than beating one self up over something that cannot be changed. Accept what has happened and move on with your life. News flash all humans on planet earth are guilty of something. If someone keeps trying to throw the past at you. Know that they have worst skeletons in their closets. The answer here is to love yourself unconditionally warts and all.

If you are feeling judged and condemned because of something you have done. Instead, love yourself, remind yourself of your humanity. Remind yourself that we are all flawed. Not one of us is perfect. You are still allowed to walk with your head held high.

If you are being ridiculed for being different, know that this is a distraction. It is ok, in fact it is wonderful to be unique and authentic. Dont be fooled into thinking you need to be just like one of the sheep. That is madness. You were born to be you. You were not born to be someone else.

If someone is or has been criticising you and this is where your mind is. Know that, that is a distraction keeping you from your higher self. You are not responsible for the way that others feel. You are responsible for the way YOU feel. Do not give anybody power over the way you feel. Take back your own power. Remember no one can make you feel anything without your first giving them permission yo make you feel bad. Why would you give anybody permission to make you feel badly.

You have it within you to say actually, “I dont want to feel badly right now or ever, thanks but no thanks” Say this to yourself rather than be cowered or intimidated. Remember, it is your choice yo feel empowered. Dont let other people distractions prevent you from reaching your higher self which is peace, joy, love and the manifestation of all that is wonderful in this world.

If someone is constantly miserable, aggressive, critical and you notice it affecting your psyche, do not let this become a distraction. Move away from this energy sapping type of relationship. These are energy vampires that feed off your reactions to their behaviour. Of course they are expecting you to react in an equally negative fashion. Negativity feeds off negativity. If you starve them from feeding off you by not responding in kind, they will look elsewhere to feed their anger or dark emotion. If you find they are not looking elsewhere remove yourself from that environment.

Remember to be mindful of where and what you are focussing on. Whatever you focus your attention on grows. It becomes something that feels uncrontrollable and scary. Avoid, avoid avoid, focussing on the wrong things. Lighten your load! Go and do something you love right now. Surround yourself with inspiration. Great music, great books…..

Keep your focus, your mind, your energy, your light on the things you love and make you happy. Love yourself. Allow your beauty and personal strength to grow day by day. Be loving and let your light and joy shine. You are love, you are joy. You are a diamond.

Peace and love. If you like my work please leave a comment below.

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