Can Morning Pages Create Anxiety?

This is set to be my shortest article yet. The long and the short answer is yes! This took me completely by surprise several months into my journey with morning pages. I began to feel very uneasy and yes anxious when I sat down to write. I would say that the problem became so chronic I had to stop for about three weeks. Instinctively I knew what was happening, but it was not until I listened to christina lopes work that I realised this was a common occurrence.

The “problem” is that you or we are going through a kind of birthing pain, where the ego or old self is fighting for survival but the new you wants to be born. Once this situation arises you need to pause with the journalling for a while, until the new you becomes a little more acceptable to the old subconscious you that does not want to see or feel change.

When you are journalling or writing morning pages, your self knowledge, the good parts and the bad become glaringly obvious so that change is inevitable. We are stepping up into a new level of consciousness. But of course we have to be ready to take that step. No external force can push or force you into change, you have to be ready fully. This increase in self awareness is felt not just in your mind but in your body too. Hence the feelings of anxiety. It’s the mind body connection. Your mind affects the whole system. Your spiritual growth has taken on a new level.

Morning pages promotes rapid growth and therefore is constantly highlighting and finding areas for change or renewal might be an appropriate word. There is no need for a spiritual councellor, guru or critical “helpful” friend when we are seeking answers. The answers we seek are always within. Sometimes the answers we find are tough. But there is no one on earth that knows us better than we know ourselves.

Become independent and seek your spiritual answers for yourself. It can be a tough process as highlighted above. But there is peace at the end of the tunnel. Never allow anyone to tell you what you do or do not need. Of course you can ask for guidance if you so wish. But your spirit man knows the answers it seeks. I am always weary of those proferring help that has been unsolicited. I would say that there is lack in such a person, who need to step back and follow their OWN journey, as they will never be qualified to give answers that are deeply personal to you.

So if you find the process of morning pages creating feelings of anxiety, give yourself a break and resume at a later date when there has been more self acceptance of this new you.

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