When You Judge

When you judge someone to be horrid, unsavoury, or whatever adjective you wish to use, is it pain you are actually seeing. We can misinterpret pain as being something that it is not. Quite often what we are actually seeing is someone elses pain. But we misunderstand. We actually judge because that is our own pain being triggered. Like a baby that begins to cry when it senses the stress of its mother, or the anger of its mother. It fails to understand pain and it seems to draw in …

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Manifestation And The Subconscious. Change Your Subconscious Mind

Giving up on manifestation is like giving up on life itself. I will present a few ideas of my own so that you never give up and you will begin to see the fruits of your “labour”. I remember a quote from the bible:- “where there is no vision the people perish” I was aware of this quote for many years before actually understanding this as a biblical manifestation quote. It seems that all the great self help or self development books and now manifestation books have expropriated their best …

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Mindfulness exercise

Mindfulness and Meditation

What follows is a personal brief journey with mindfulness and meditation that I hope you will enjoy. I find I have loved someone that did not look remotely like the person I thought I would love. They were balding, shorter than me, stocky and from a geographically different culture to my own. Together we looked like chalk and cheese. This was the first time I realised I was able to love properly and deeply. Was I suffering from ignorant conditioning or a closed mind pattern before? Absolutely.  [Edit instead of having …

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Manifestation book

How To Manifest A Desire Effectively

This is the second post in how to manifest a desire. Manifestation is the most advanced part of the mind development series that enables us to receive information we need direct from the universe. Manifestation improves health and brings forth success and abundance in our daily lives. It starts with enhancement of the mind leading to good energy vibrations. It provides peace and above all clarity of mind Bradley cooper in the movie limitless experiences a powerful rush of almost “inhuman” clarity in the clip where he states “…Somehow my …

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manifestation destiny tuning

How To Manifest A Desire With Confidence

The question of how to manifest a desire is a huge topic to be discussed. It involves the development of the mind and the ability to receive information we need from the universe. It uses a wide array of tools including  audio, imagery and simple written exercises to get us to a state where we are able to manifest.  But, In order to get to a state where we are manifesting true abundance, prosperity and blessings, we first need to clear any mental blockages. In removing these stumbling blocks we manage …

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What is manifestation

Destiny Tuning Review

Destiny tuning is an advanced method of manifestation. It is used as a tool to provide any change or improvement in your life that you desire. This can range from ■♤ A desire to lose several pounds or many, ■♤ An improvement in monetary situation, ■♤ A better love life. ■♤ Improved Health ■♤ Success in Career or business Goals ■♤ Heightened Mind Pattern Vibrations Initially this may feel like hype, it seems unbelievable that one is able to use this to achieve so many different types of goals. Having …

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