Controlling Anger and Frustration

I felt the need to revisit this topic and look at it from a new and fresh angle than I have done before. We have all been in that place of anger and frustration. These are strong emotional states that could be lighter if we had the presence of mind to look at things differently. When we have things that are not working the way we want, it could be the universe, God, your Angel’s preventing you from coming to greater harm. So change your perspective. If something through no …

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Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind

This is a journey well worth the undertaking for those that are in pain. I actually came across the solution to reprogramming my subconscious mind many years before I would apply it to my life. Having a blade attitude towards most things back then I did nothing with the formidable tool I found myself with. By pain, I mean emotional pain which has many disguises and many labels. These labels include Anxiety Obsessive thinking Fear Easily being offended Being easily Angered Generally feeling down These are just the tips of …

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How To Be Happy

The ways that we can be happy, can be derived from what we do as well as what and how we think. Today, I would like to focus on the content of what runs through our minds. These thoughts are either making us happy, stressed, depressed, or some other place in between! Lately I have been reading alot on being grateful from my favourite authors. I would like to share the logic in these. When we are grateful, it allows us to see the good in a circumstance or person. …

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Finding Peace Amongst Disturbance

We have a habit of creating resistance to what already exists, we judge the situation, people, circumstances. Then after judging the circumstance we then place some negative label on it. The labelling often negative was consciously thought because the situation, people did not meet with our own expectations or demands. For example, Of course I would like a simple life where if I request to have a repair done and they said okay donkey and it was done on time and everything was honkey dorey that would be brilliant. But …

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How To Deal With A Narcissist

As a person recovering from narcissistic abuse, I can share my experience on how to break free emotionally. I have made no attempt to make the narcissist in my portrayal look like anything but mal – adjusted, sick people. I am talking about the worst kind, whose actions are destructive to those they target. I am refering to the malignant narcissist. I will include sources for your deeper appreciation on the subject as I am not a psychiatrist. However, once you have understood how these people operate and how and …

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Subconscious mind

What Is The Power Of The Subconscious Mind: Taking The Red Pill

Intuitively we have a vague understanding of what the power of the subconscious mind is. The trouble is we choose to fight it at every turn. Instead we favour a life that is familiar, something that we don’t have to work at, or something that does not make us feel uncomfortable. Stepping out into the power of the subconscious mind is like choosing the red pill, in the movie the matrix. In fact I have heard it said somewhere that if you are still suffering you are still living in …

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Forgiveness it's benefits

How to Forgive and Forget

This discussion hopes to bring you to the realisation that forgiveness and love are our natural states. And to stray from a center point of normalcy causes pain within us. This is a continuation of the mind development series posted once per week. Usually the reason we cannot forgive and forget is because somebody has wounded us deeply. We find it unforgivable because it is not something we would have done ourselves(usually). It might involve betrayal or worse. And therefore the pain we feel is intense. Unfortunately over time this …

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Eliminate self pity

Why Self Pity is Unnecessary

Today I wanted to take a look at Self Pity. It is a set of thoughts in the mind that can become quite addictive. When we view these types of self pitying thoughts from a different perspective we then realise that we are hanging onto unnecessary pain. In fact we are hanging onto self inflicted pain over and over. In particular I am referring to self pity we may feel after being abused by a narcissist or similar abusive type of personality. To have self pity means that you have …

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Cure anxiety, eliminate fear

What is The Best Way to cure Anxiety and Fear

Anxiety is a symptom of fear, it is fear that I will be discussing in this mind development series. Fear along with Self esteem issues are the two most crippling emotions one can experience. The “cure” in my lifelong learning of the subject does not involve drugs or medication. I will be dicussing fear in relationships in this post. I will use my experience in a former workplace setting as a template for my discussion in how to rid oneself of fear.  My Experience With Fear and Anxiety Many years …

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Let go of the past

How To Stop Looking Back And Let Go

This is another in the mind development series called how to stop looking back. We have already established that we can control our minds through the channel of visualisation. Through knowing that we have as much control over our minds as we do when we get into the driver seat of a car. We should also know that this knowledge of our own ability to control is not subject to external environment. The shittier our environment, the more likely it is that we simply give up control. Do not give …

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