Kasina By Mindplace

MindPlace are an established maker of relaxation and meditation devices. They are designed for those that are serious about rapidly getting their minds into a relaxed state. These are handy as the mind is encouraged to relax without the long learning curve of a meditation course! The media encourages two separate modals, which are audio or visual. Benefits of Kasina by Mindplace □☆ It can be used as an aid to Meditation allowing your mind and body to relax □☆ It helps to eliminate excessive thought patterns or a busy …

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Meditation bracelet

Vibrating Bracelet for Meditation

In this post I will display vibrating bracelets and discuss how these can be used for the purposes of meditation. I will also display some popular traditional healing meditation braceletes. Vibrating Bracelets are the new functional jewellery. They are a unique and beautiful way of reminding us to come into the present moment by vibrating at preset intervals. They are made from a variety Semi Precious Stones, such as Jasper, Jade, Quartz and even Wood.  In this way they can complement any outfit, or if you have no preference for …

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Mindfulness exercise

Mindfulness and Meditation

What follows is a personal brief journey with mindfulness and meditation that I hope you will enjoy. I find I have loved someone that did not look remotely like the person I thought I would love. They were balding, shorter than me, stocky and from a geographically different culture to my own. Together we looked like chalk and cheese. This was the first time I realised I was able to love properly and deeply. Was I suffering from ignorant conditioning or a closed mind pattern before? Absolutely.  [Edit instead of having …

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