Becoming Your Higher Self

I read a post today regarding distractions that politicians throw our way that prevents people from seeing the big picture, keeping us worried and afraid instead of empowered individuals. They scaremonger so that we will think, act and vote in a certain way. The crazy thing is we do this to each other and worst still to ourselves! I started to recognise how different forms of distractions seek to disempower us and keep us from becoming our higher selves. It is played out in minute detail in our personal lives …

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Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind

This is a journey well worth the undertaking for those that are in pain. I actually came across the solution to reprogramming my subconscious mind many years before I would apply it to my life. Having a blade attitude towards most things back then I did nothing with the formidable tool I found myself with. By pain, I mean emotional pain which has many disguises and many labels. These labels include Anxiety Obsessive thinking Fear Easily being offended Being easily Angered Generally feeling down These are just the tips of …

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Finding Peace Amongst Disturbance

We have a habit of creating resistance to what already exists, we judge the situation, people, circumstances. Then after judging the circumstance we then place some negative label on it. The labelling often negative was consciously thought because the situation, people did not meet with our own expectations or demands. For example, Of course I would like a simple life where if I request to have a repair done and they said okay donkey and it was done on time and everything was honkey dorey that would be brilliant. But …

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Online Meditation

Meditation For The Beginners

This post will give an overview of what it is like to be in the beginning stages of meditation, where you can learn to meditate and the type of path you follow to attain mastery. In addition I describe well known and least known benefits of meditation. After looking around at the various offerings for meditation courses, that would suit beginners and those with some experience of meditation I stumbled upon Giovanni Dienstmann course and decided to sign up almost immediately. I was awed by his writing and his obvious understanding …

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Kasina By Mindplace Review

MindPlace are an established maker of relaxation and meditation devices. The device produces beautifully soothing audio and wonderful visuals through what are called ganzframes (goggles). These ganzframes are like goggles and can be worn with the eyes open or shut. They are designed for those that are serious about rapidly getting their minds into a relaxed state. These are handy as the mind is encouraged to relax without the long learning curve of a meditation course! In fact there is zero learning curve you simply “plug in and go”and the …

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Meditation bracelet

Vibrating Bracelet for Meditation

In this post I will display vibrating bracelets and discuss how these can be used for the purposes of meditation. I will also display some popular traditional healing meditation braceletes. Vibrating Bracelets are the new functional jewellery. They are a unique and beautiful way of reminding us to come into the present moment by vibrating at preset intervals. They are made from a variety Semi Precious Stones, such as Jasper, Jade, Quartz and even Wood.  In this way they can complement any outfit, or if you have no preference for …

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Mindfulness exercise

Mindfulness and Meditation

What follows is a personal brief journey with mindfulness and meditation that I hope you will enjoy. I find I have loved someone that did not look remotely like the person I thought I would love. They were balding, shorter than me, stocky and from a geographically different culture to my own. Together we looked like chalk and cheese. This was the first time I realised I was able to love properly and deeply. Was I suffering from ignorant conditioning or a closed mind pattern before? Absolutely.  [Edit instead of having …

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