Why I do Morning Pages

I am in the habit of doing morning pages (a form of journalling )most days though not every single day. I find it a great practice to do as it is like holding up a mirror yo your soul. In doing do it show you what you are afraid of and why, it shows you all those little insecurities. It shows you all the reasons that make up why you are who you are at this moment in time. Over time you learn to eradicate and overcome the fears you …

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Adult Colouring Book For Mindfulness

Colouring for Adults is a very nice way to take ones mind off thoughts for a while. It helps to stop the chatter in the mind and allows one to focus on an enjoyable creative task. Now the “non artist” gets to appreciate the beauty of art from the inside out. Make a habit out of this pastime and it becomes a form of meditation or tool for mindfulness. Making The Most Of Your Adult Colouring Book Remember the intention behind buying an adult colouring book. If you are thinking …

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Online Meditation

Meditation For The Beginners

This post will give an overview of what it is like to be in the beginning stages of meditation, where you can learn to meditate and the type of path you follow to attain mastery. In addition I describe well known and least known benefits of meditation. After looking around at the various offerings for meditation courses, that would suit beginners and those with some experience of meditation I stumbled upon Giovanni Dienstmann course and decided to sign up almost immediately. I was awed by his writing and his obvious understanding …

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Kasina By Mindplace Review

MindPlace are an established maker of relaxation and meditation devices. The device produces beautifully soothing audio and wonderful visuals through what are called ganzframes (goggles). These ganzframes are like goggles and can be worn with the eyes open or shut. They are designed for those that are serious about rapidly getting their minds into a relaxed state. These are handy as the mind is encouraged to relax without the long learning curve of a meditation course! In fact there is zero learning curve you simply “plug in and go”and the …

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Meditation bracelet

Vibrating Bracelet for Meditation

In this post I will display vibrating bracelets and discuss how these can be used for the purposes of meditation. I will also display some popular traditional healing meditation braceletes. Vibrating Bracelets are the new functional jewellery. They are a unique and beautiful way of reminding us to come into the present moment by vibrating at preset intervals. They are made from a variety Semi Precious Stones, such as Jasper, Jade, Quartz and even Wood.  In this way they can complement any outfit, or if you have no preference for …

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What is manifestation

Destiny Tuning Review

Destiny tuning is an advanced method of manifestation. It is used as a tool to provide any change or improvement in your life that you desire. This can range from ■♤ A desire to lose several pounds or many, ■♤ An improvement in monetary situation, ■♤ A better love life. ■♤ Improved Health ■♤ Success in Career or business Goals ■♤ Heightened Mind Pattern Vibrations Initially this may feel like hype, it seems unbelievable that one is able to use this to achieve so many different types of goals. Having …

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Why do morning pages

Morning Pages Benefits

Morning Pages are a powerful mind development tool most notably for anxiety and stress as well as to increase self awareness. From a personal point of view the process has taught me who I am and enabled me to dig deep to find out why I am who I am. It has brought me to a place of personal acceptance. In this famous scene with Andy Dufrane in the shawshank redemption “get busy living or get busy dying”. I believe it is at this point that Andy has finally come …

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