Becoming Your Higher Self

I read a post today regarding distractions that politicians throw our way that prevents people from seeing the big picture, keeping us worried and afraid instead of empowered individuals. They scaremonger so that we will think, act and vote in a certain way. The crazy thing is we do this to each other and worst still to ourselves! I started to recognise how different forms of distractions seek to disempower us and keep us from becoming our higher selves. It is played out in minute detail in our personal lives …

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Manifestation And The Subconscious. Change Your Subconscious Mind

Giving up on manifestation is like giving up on life itself. I will present a few ideas of my own so that you never give up and you will begin to see the fruits of your “labour”. I remember a quote from the bible:- “where there is no vision the people perish” I was aware of this quote for many years before actually understanding this as a biblical manifestation quote. It seems that all the great self help or self development books and now manifestation books have expropriated their best …

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How to Access Your Subconscious Mind

There are many ways to access the Subconscious Mind, these include, Meditation of which there are many forms, Binaural Music, Journaling, Visualisation Techniques, and Positive Affirmation Techniques. However, the topic for today’s post is Automatic Writing. Personally I have used this to great effect, it will enable you to trust your intuition more with increased use. The process is like tapping into your personal spirit guide. What Is Automatic Writing? This involves posing a very personal question to yourself, a question that has been bugging you for a while may …

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Mind Tools and The Subconscious Mind

There are several types of mind tools available to retrain the mind to be less habitually negative, stressed, worried or anxious.  These same tools are available if you simply want to increase your IQ or learn how to manifest your desires. Quite simply there is not a special set of tools for one set of personalities and another set of tools for other individuals. These tools include listening to Audio Binaural Recordings, Meditation, Affirmations, writing Morning Pages, and Visualisation Techniques.In addition there are even electronic mind tools which provide soothing …

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Controlling the subconscious mind

How to Control your Subconscious Mind

There are a couple of mind hacks that I like to employ to control the subconscious mind. I also like to make use of a few well known sayings by Carl Jung as well as a few Bible scriptures. The importance of controlling the mind has been recognised down the ages its a wonder we still need to ask the question. But the reason we do is because there are far fewer seekers of wisdom and enlightenment than not. Most accept the status quo and in some cases emotional pain …

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Subconscious mind

What Is The Power Of The Subconscious Mind: Taking The Red Pill

Intuitively we have a vague understanding of what the power of the subconscious mind is. The trouble is we choose to fight it at every turn. Instead we favour a life that is familiar, something that we don’t have to work at, or something that does not make us feel uncomfortable. Stepping out into the power of the subconscious mind is like choosing the red pill, in the movie the matrix. In fact I have heard it said somewhere that if you are still suffering you are still living in …

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What is The Power of Thoughts

What is the power of thought is a part of the mind development series. Our minds are a powerful instrument able to propel us forward through motivating ideas, or keep us stuck through negative or depressing ideas. Thoughts seemingly appear in our heads randomly and automatically on full throttle throughout the day everyday. It almost seems as though we have no control over the thoughts that appear because they happen so quickly.  Within milliseconds of a passing thought a new thought will appear. In actual fact we are the ones …

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Why do morning pages

Morning Pages Benefits

Morning Pages are a powerful mind development tool most notably for anxiety and stress as well as to increase self awareness. From a personal point of view the process has taught me who I am and enabled me to dig deep to find out why I am who I am. It has brought me to a place of personal acceptance. In this famous scene with Andy Dufrane in the shawshank redemption “get busy living or get busy dying”. I believe it is at this point that Andy has finally come …

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