Controlling Anger and Frustration

I felt the need to revisit this topic and look at it from a new and fresh angle than I have done before. We have all been in that place of anger and frustration. These are strong emotional states that could be lighter if we had the presence of mind to look at things differently.

When we have things that are not working the way we want, it could be the universe, God, your Angel’s preventing you from coming to greater harm. So change your perspective. If something through no fault of your own caused you to miss an appointment, how do you know that if you arrived earlier you may have been in an accident, met some unsavoury person you did not wish to meet.

Change your perspective and see these mishaps, disappointments or losses as a form of protection over our lives. See these discouraging events as a form of protection rather than a source of disappointment and discouragement.

Change your perspective and life will flow easier. Love will flow through you. Understanding will flow through you and joy will flow through you much easier than before.

Remember that disappointment or loss could lead yo your biggest success through accident or what is called synchronicity at some point down the road. Perhaps as a result of you being late to that appointment you bumped into someone who could be instrumental in your good fortune later in life or maybe not do much later than you think.

If we could keep a fresh positive perspective, a new perspective, we would cause ourselves alot less stress. If we have s more faith filled attitude and see the circumstance as a possible setup for our greater good, we would not feel dissapointment, loss so deeply.

A child has a small world view and may not understand why mum withholds that gorgeous looking cake or sweet that tastes so good. But mum knows that too much sugar will poison the teeth and gums as well as weaken the bones in the body longer term. It is best not to become addicted to sweets.

Some people may get away with eating many sweets, but most dont. Why take the risk. My point is that like the child often times our world view when we become frustrated or discouraged and angry has likely become smaller.

Perhaps we are really not seeing the bigger picture that has been set in place for our good NOT BY MAN but the universe, your God, your angels.

A man or woman that is telling you he is doing something for your good likely wants narcissistic and manipulative control over you! If this form of control does not feel good to you, most likely it is not healthy! This is not what I am talking about here.

Remember that nerd in school that was always being picked on? Many of them now work as the boss with those bullies as their employees or subordinates. Karma has a way of working in peoples lives!

We need yo stop throwing “childish tantrums” and tell ourselves that maybe something good is going yo come out of this mishap, loss, circumstances.

Change your perspective and the deep lows that we have experienced emotionally can feel more neutral. Rather than feeling like a punch in the gut our emotions can become more stable, less extreme highs and extreme lows.

Looking at “loss” in a different light and encourage ourselves to know that there is a lesson here to be learnt. Maybe we have not fully mastered our craft yet and need more time and more patience. As well as more self love. The type of self love that refuses to beat ourselves up over failure of defeat. If we are to beat ourselves up when we make a mistake, that leads to a loss, then what is left for the enemy is to laugh. I am sure you do not want that! Love yourself accept your flaws and the enemy finds it much harder to defeat you emotionally.

Each time you fail, do not see it as failure but as a stepping stone towards your success. That is one less mistake or error that you will make on the path towards your success. This is a journey we make step by step.

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