Dont Forget Who You Are

You are a wonderful child of the universe, a wonderful child of God. A beautiful being. When you were created it was said that all was good. You are a powerful being that is self loving and loving of others.

“For you were given the spirit of love, power and sound mind”

There are forces within this world and within our minds that will fool us and lead us to think we are less than who we actually are. This is done so that we can be used and manipulated to satisfy the deeds of another or to simply remain obedient and non threatening to those that like control for the sake of control. (Think of how many wars we have fought in that have left families devastated.. )

We must recognise those forces that are there to weaken and destroy the soul. If you are in a great environment you will be happy and thriving and in a positive mood. Then there is no need to feel there is something to be on the alert for, all is good in the world. Remain happy this is your natural state. Guard it well, this is your strength.

If there are elements or an element that leaves you feeling drained, if there is an element within your environment that is negative towards you that has a tendency to pull you down. Be on the alert. This is an unhealthy environment that needs your full attention. Without your full awareness you will be left feeling drained and unable to cope, you will be feeling less than confident, afraid, anxious. Your level of alertness needs to awaken.

Know thyself, this is the single most important thing we can do for ourselves, above career and above gaining money. If you have a high Emotional IQ you can be quick to identify people and environments that are not suited to your well being and personal development. This is important for us all at any level within and outside our working environment. I stress the working environment because most of us spend so much of our lives at work. In many instances we are in ego clashes, pain body clashes that Eckhart Tolle speaks about. A pain body clash is where you have been mistreated by another simply because that individual is in emotional pain and cannot help themselves. They are not as healthy as they could or should be. In turn we are “made” to feel that pain that they are attempting to exert on us. This is what I want you to be able to recognise. Be cognizant of the unhealthy person in your midst whatsoever symptoms they are displaying towards you.

In other words remember who you are. Love yourself and be proud of yourself. Be happy and grateful for all that you have all that you are. You do not need the approval or agreement from another that you should be proud of yourself. Be proud anyway, be self loving anyway even if someone tells you that you are unlovable because of xyz. Love yourself anyway. You do not need perfection in order to love and be proud of yourself. Perfection exists in no one. The negative amongst us are there to blind you of your true beauty. Do not forget though that we have all been guilty of unloving behaviour or thoughts towards another, we are flawed, pastors and bishops are flawed. Mothers and fathers and colleagues are flawed. Love yourself anyway. Love yourself and others with true might. You are love.

When someone is trying to tell you how lowly, stupid, how embarrassing you are, it should tell you three things. It highlights that they are lacking in self love, self compassion and that they are self loathing individuals in pain. They are trying to take it out on you. Just remember who you are, you are a thing of beauty. The ugliness they display on the outside is a reflection of the ugliness within, feel sorry only for them. You dont have to fight it.

Instead remember who you are, person of beauty, love, strength, compassion, intelligence. Stay in peace and in love always.

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