Finding Peace Amongst Disturbance

We have a habit of creating resistance to what already exists, we judge the situation, people, circumstances. Then after judging the circumstance we then place some negative label on it. The labelling often negative was consciously thought because the situation, people did not meet with our own expectations or demands.

For example, Of course I would like a simple life where if I request to have a repair done and they said okay donkey and it was done on time and everything was honkey dorey that would be brilliant. But what happens when shit happens? When things dont go according to plan and it is a real inconvenience, maybe you lose a days pay or something happens to put you in a negative light through no fault of your own. Or you lose your job…..

The negativity may have erupted within us because of somebody elses ignorance, stupidity. There will always be the stupid and the ignorant, the flying monkeys, the incompetetants, the liars, the cheats, the deceivers. the narcissists. They are unfortunately not 100% avoidable 100% of the time.

When we meet these types of people or circumstances we need to remember not to let it disturb our peace, because our peace of mind is EVERYTHING. It behooves us to become very mindful and not get trapped by the snares of the enemy (shorthand for a bad situation or people) .

Remembering “this too shall pass”.

The enemy is only too happy to snigger in delight and pull you under, making you feel the hurt and pain that they themselves experience. Do not accept the invitation to feel bad. Again, do not accept their invitation to feel badly about yourself. This is a sneaky trick they use. They will “abuse” you, in order to trick you into feeling badly about yourself. Remember no one or no-thing can “make us feel” anything without our permission. In other words choose to love yourself rather than allow the enemy to tear you down. Dont be afraid of the enemy. He is more fearful of your progress and greatness than you realise. He attempts to pull you down BECAUSE he is fearful and insecure.

Secret Tip The enemy Hides From You

Remember that you are the co creator of your own experiences. What this means is that if you have been constantly thinking negative thoughts, negativity will be what is drawn to you. If however you raise your vibrations to think positive thoughts, then you will attract positivity more often than not.

How to think positive when you are feeling negative?

We need to change our perspective. If we keep in mind that the enemy is afraid and insecure or something has happened out of their ignorance or inability to do better, then we can feel better. Remember it is not personal. The wicked will be wicked to other people too not just you.

Do not do the work of the enemy for him. Be your own best friend and cheer yourself on. Think well of yourself rather than beating yourself up for any past mistakes. We are human, we all make mistakes. Encourage yourself and make yourself feel good. We are all works in progress developing daily to reach our highest best selves. (Without comparing ourselves to anyone else) We are each on a unique path that is tailor made for us alone. That path is made to strengthen us, teach us lessons about life that we need to learn.

Do not feel badly because somebody does not like you or has or is treating you unprofessionally or is a pain in the butt. Do not accept the invitation to the “hurting party”. Remember hurting people hurt people.

Manipulative people, self righteous people, narcissists, and people who think they know what’s better for you, than you yourself are included in the category of hurting people who hurt people. They are insecure, and likely ignorant of their own weaknesses. Weaknesses that they should be dealing with but instead choose to focus on you or somebody else.

None of us are perfect we are all work in progress do do not be fooled by the arrogance of another. Can any man claim to be perfect? Of course not, myself included.

Maybe you are in bad health, in a bad job or relationship or have no job. Remember that overthinking never cures the problem, it only makes things worse. More thoughts do not cure an anxious over active mind. Come to a place of acceptance before you can move onto something else. Something better.

Remember the goal of the enemy is to make you feel badly about yourself. So how do we win? We become aware of what we are thinking about. We become aware of how often we are thinking about these negative things, then we STOP.

After we have noticed that we have become ensnared or hopefully just before, we make a choice to disengage. The next part involves really loving yourself, in the way a loving partner or mother or father would love you. The action steps you take that revolve around loving yourself next is to do the things you love to do. Do the things that make your heart sing. Make a habit of Raising the positive energy within you.

It can be the simple things like walking or watching and inspirational movie. Grab those headphones and listen to your favourite music. If you have the finances and the time, when was the last time you went on a holiday?

There are some truly inspirational singers that have appeared on America’s Got Talent and the UK X Factor. Immerse yourself into some of this to give yourself a serotonin boost from time to time.

Finally, never focus on the problem. Stop ruminating on the problem, stop talking about the problem to anybody that will listen. It’s the problem going round and round within our minds that keep us stuck. Therefore, focus on the solution. Ask yourself “How can I get around this problem?”

Get your bodies moving loved ones in the direction that you find most pleasurable. Start writing a journal each morning which you keep private. This will help you evolve that clarity of mind that you seek.

Shower yourself with internal love and forgiveness of any and all past faults. Know that the longer you are on this earth the more you learn and the better you do emotionally and mentally.

Peace. Please Leave a comment below.

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