He Stood Me Up Never Called


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  1. Everyone has relationship problems and I think everyone should read this article to learn how to conquer those problems. I love how you said I should be back to my sweet calm myself after twenty four hours, that is very true. Thank you so much for sharing this article with us today.

  2. Thanks for the inspiration as this has happened to me several times with the woman who claims she loves me at a point in time, she did made me feel neglected she didn’t call to make me understand the reason for the disappiontment but after 3 days she called to apologized. Is she worth a listening ear? 

    1. You say it has happened several times already, this does not bode well, bought parties need to have mutual respect for each other if there is to be any proper bonding and growth within the relationship. Make sure any friend or partner understands this before committing to anything serious, you dont want to end up hurting yourself, you need solid foundations and it does not sound as though you have this at the moment. Of course the last and final word is your own. Peace and love as always

  3. Hey there! this is really an interesting article and I guess everyone should check it out. These things aren’t discussed in great detail as they should be. You have done an amazing job providing an insight and surely anyone relates will find it really helpful. Best of luck for your future!

  4. Hello Ann, nice article. I agree with you that this happens to many people all the time. I also concur with you that if found in such a situation, it’s better if you just remain calm and wait some time to see what happens rather than contacting him or her to vent your anger. Peace and love to you as well.

  5. When I was a teenager, in the mid s70 I was stood up by a guy I thought I knew very well and who was as nice as a person only can be.

    Back then, we didn’t had a cellphone etc only the good old landline and, we had to walk to our destination in pure faith that the other person will be there too. He wasn’t there and I waited almost an hour and then walked home again in tears.

    I never heard back from him that day and I started, as you also have mentioned in your article, to plot against him.

    My thoughts and heart were full of vengeance. Long story short, he stood at my door over a week later with the most beautiful bunch of Roses. It turned out his grandma gone gravely ill and the whole family had to leave to drive 5 hours to where she lived.

    Again, we didn’t have a cellphone and he also didn’t have my number on hand either. You can imagine how nice the reunion was.  

    I must say your article had booted me back to this time and to remember how I felt when I “thought” I was stood up on purpose. Luckily it did never happen again and I also will never go through this emotional turmoil again.

    The points you are giving in your article in how to react to a situation like this are very valid.

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing Sylvia, I am so glad you had a happy ending! And it sounds like you are now in a beautiful steady relationship if i understood you correctly

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