How To Be Happy

The ways that we can be happy, can be derived from what we do as well as what and how we think. Today, I would like to focus on the content of what runs through our minds. These thoughts are either making us happy, stressed, depressed, or some other place in between!

Lately I have been reading alot on being grateful from my favourite authors. I would like to share the logic in these. When we are grateful, it allows us to see the good in a circumstance or person.

I love this little mind hack for changing my mindset. If your nearest and dearest is getting on your nerves, think about what you love about this person instead.

You will shift your minds focus away from the negative into something more positive and uplifting to the spirit. The stronger the feeling as regards what you are feeling grateful for, the better. Does this person make you life? Are they there for you when few others are.

Are you in a shitty job you hate. Remember there are many who are on the dole that would love your job and full time salary. It is a powerful thing when we know how yo change our perspective. Of course, we dont have to stick with the job that we hate or anything that does not serve us. Shifting our focus and perspective helps us get through the tough times when temporarily there is “no easy get out clause”. In other words we can still be plotting to leave that job behind the scenes without broadcasting it.

We are all the co creators of our own existence. Therefore we are also the masters of our own mindsets. In choosing to be grateful, we are taking back control of our minds! We are choosing to be happy rather than sad. We are making a personal choice rather than remaining a victim of a negative mental mindset.


Everyday, first thing in the morning think about four things you are grateful for. Think about these things throughout the day. If you are in a negative circumstance this is where and when it is most helpful. There will always be people or circumstances that are only too happy to drag us down. Dont let this happen. Remember you are in control of how you feel. Nobody can make you feel badly without your permission.

Again, nobody can make you feel badly without your permission. If someone is trying to take your happiness away, they have personal issues. Remember that! Take pity on that person, realise that their issues have nothing whatsoever to do with you. It is not personal, regardless of the fact it might feel that way. It is not personal, it never is, it simply means they have issues. Hurting people hurt people. Dont take up the invitation to join the hurting party. Just think to yourself “no thanks, I dont want to join your hurting party.”

We have a choice in how we feel, happy, sad or indifferent. Being grateful is a great reminder that there are always things to be happy for. Cant think of anything? What about being grateful you have a roof over your head and food everyday. There are millions without these very basic things. Just think if you had nowhere to sleep the following day. How would this make you feel? Now shift your focus back to things you are grateful for, even if you have to work hard to think of four things. You can do this.

I am super happy to have a sunny day and to feel the sun on my skin.

I am super happy to be able to eat my favourite foods.

Thinking of just four things that you are grateful for will come easier each day. In fact I bet you can think of loads right now. Regardless, make this a frequent exercise. It will makes your days a little lighter and your spirit lighter too. Now, after you have done your list, get up and go and play that favourite song and dance🤗.


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