How to Control your Subconscious Mind

Controlling the subconscious mind

There are a couple of mind hacks that I like to employ to control the subconscious mind. I also like to make use of a few well known sayings by Carl Jung as well as a few Bible scriptures. The importance of controlling the mind has been recognised down the ages its a wonder we still need to ask the question. But the reason we do is because there are far fewer seekers of wisdom and enlightenment than not. Most accept the status quo and in some cases emotional pain without realising there is another way with effort of course..

Mind Hack One

Verse 1 “As you sow,  so shall you reap” Galatians 6 v7

Verse 2 “Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.” Phillipians 4 v8

Verse 1 Is a well known bible verse. It’s general application often refers to a type of behaviour ending in a certain outcome for the recipient. However, it is just as applicable to the mind. If you think of your mind as a field where you plant crops (thoughts, insert verse 2) the outcome will be your harvest. That harvest will be abundance and joy if our crop(thoughts of gladness, love,joy, abundance) have been in alignment with the almighty universe. Otherwise our harvest will be poverty when we are not in alignment!

Notice in verse 2, it instructs us to think of positive things that leave us feeling light hearted and content. It does not tell us to reflect about the worrisome things that might be going on in the world of current events. It does not instruct us to take note of the petty mindedness of man and his ways. The intent is pretty clear. Feed your mind with nutritious positive thoughts and you will reap a good harvest.

I love the inspiring feel good movie and true story (The pursuit of happyness) of Mr Chris Gardners obvious unwavering belief system and power over his subconscious mind given the obstacles he faced.

“This part of my life is called Happyness” C Gardner in The Pursuit of Happyness

Surprisingly, even those friends of mine that received religious education in school admit to not knowing these fundamentals. And yet this simple knowledge affects every aspects of our lives. As proof of pudding, have you ever known a deeply negative person to be full of joy? Have you ever known a deeply negative person, bad minded, jealous or critical person to be full of joy?  The answer is a resounding NO. It is because we don’t always follow the principles laid out for us.

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  1. A great post on the control of the mind. We are who we believe we are. Our subconscious is forever active ready to take in any little detail presented before it even without our knowing which eventually shapes who we actually turn out to be.
    We need to feed our subconscious with things that are right and positive so our subconscious can give us happiness and joy and also the things we need to succeed.
    I just thought about hardly finding negative persons that are full of Joy. You are totally right about that because our words most of the time reflect on how our lives turn out to be. This was a really good read and I was inspired by it.

  2. Hi Ann,

    I love it! I love all this kind of ‘mind’ stuff because I spent so many of my isolated teenage years trying to understand this crazy thing called a ‘mind’. Time well spent I feel strongly at times.

    I take issue with in this article but only ask to offer a slightly different slant on a few things.

    ‘Controlling’ implies ‘resistance’. Where there is ‘resistance’ there lies ‘resistance’. If worry, anxiety, depressions (all shades of fear) impact you seemingly without your will, surely then you are trying to resist them what you don’t want as you will feel bad and of course no one ‘wants’ to feel bad.

    Its our very attention to these emotions, and likewise, thoughts that give rise to the negative emotions. It can become so great in our minds that we can feel balls of real energy tension in our heads and in our chests. Not good.

    So, and here lies the trick to ‘overcoming’ (there is nothing to ‘overcome’ as that which is not of truth, can not be real. Truth and False can not exist at the same time in the mind of the bearer least insanity ensures. You must pick one teacher alone. One is true or not according to your own selection).

    But, how do we ‘overcome’ negative thinking. Look past i.e. take your minds attention off of that feeling, or thought, and think only in its opposite! So simple. Soo sooo soo simple. I had to do this for myself. It works. It is literally the answer to the human condition.

    How can we perpetually overlook our thoughts that are harmful? Easy! Over look that which is untrue i.e. that truth makes you feel bad, and only lay attention to that which makes you feel good. Truth can only make you feel safe and peaceful. ‘ANYTHING’ that disturbs that then you have bought-into-a-lie.

    Does this work in real life with people and circumstances? Yes, overlook the false in others as well. They are just confused, but don’t point that out to them, this is not to be abused in that manner, but only see the good you know is in you is in them as well and so they will see that through you.

    Over look, look past, – no controlling, no resistance of a perceived barrier. This is the way of clean perception that is shrouded by ancient fears encases in forgotten memories triggered and projected into the present having a negative outcome. thus, perpetuating endlessly. Like the snake eating its tail forever.

    Hope that makes sense and helps someone. Just practice overlooking negative feelings and thoughts to their opposite and you will notice a real difference in less than two weeks.

    Here to help if anyone is in real need of answers. Don’t have them all but the one’s I applied really do work. I am living proof of it.

    1. Yes precisely, that is what Phil 4 v8 is essentially saying, put your attention on those thoughts that make you feel good. The wording control is just semantics really. Sometimes the words do not do it justice. I am very happy you have a very good handle on your emotions. Few can boast that! Peace, ann

  3. Great article, I can really relate to the last bit about flooding your mind with positive thoughts and surroundings. I believe in the law of attraction where the universe is attracted to positive energy. So the more positive your thoughts and actions are, the more the universe rewards you. Good work, it was an enjoyable read!

  4. Hey,

    I love coming across these types of websites and reminders to think positively and get positive results. I love that you integrated some scriptual references as well. It sounds like such an easy thing to do and manifest but I don’t find that it is personally. I try to and then something neg. happens and if you’ve ever heard the saying “if it wasn’t for bad luck…..” but I will continue to overcome these neg. thoughts and replace them with positive.

    Carl Jung has a lot of good quotes as well as that documentary called “the secret”

    Keep up the great work Ann.

    1. Thank you do much for responding Amanda, i have not watched the secret, i think i will now that you mention it. It is so easy to be pulled under by negativity…we are human…so I guess we have to build up those positivity muscles! 😊

  5. This is an area that everyone who wants to experience a positive change in their lives must take mastery of their mind. It’s the simple truth, you become what you think. Good article.

  6. This is such an awesome article. This article is a must read for everyone because this has touch my life and it will touch anyone who read this post one way or the other. I love sites like this that will feed you with what will change your life positively. Thanks for sharing this informative and educative post.

  7. I believe,  what you’re saying is relevant and pertinent importance.  No one needs to believe a lie, the dark thoughts of the abyss, darkness or morbid negativity which brings detoriation of God giving livelyhood and gifted abilities of positive influencing character.  Being productive of a generous personality, bring encouragement and enlightenment to those around us, having a lasting, impressionable impact, because my focus is not just on myself, but on others. Like a gifted piano prayer sharing talent and passions, being instrumental in delight to our soul or subconscious.  What we, entertain with our minds, becomes our demeanor of our core and body.   Life to the fullest, is a life without fear, punishment. Life is precious and worth enjoying.  Life with fear is giving into false destiny, without direction. A few thoughts of my own… good stuff Jonathan Leslie

    1. Ahh jonathan thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts and helping to spread more light. Blessings and peace to you, ann

  8. Thank you Ann for this post. I really love verse 2 in Philippians 4:8. It does refresh the mind to think about things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report, any virtue and any praise. And I like your phrase “nutritious positive thoughts” reminds of the verse in Romans 12:2. That says the renewing of our mind will transform us. 

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