How To Deal With A Narcissist

As a person recovering from narcissistic abuse, I can share my experience on how to break free emotionally. I have made no attempt to make the narcissist in my portrayal look like anything but mal – adjusted, sick people. I am talking about the worst kind, whose actions are destructive to those they target. I am refering to the malignant narcissist. I will include sources for your deeper appreciation on the subject as I am not a psychiatrist. However, once you have understood how these people operate and how and why you possibility have remained a “victim”, the plan going forward is to build yourself up with self love, positivity and the things which fulfill you! Avoiding them like the plague.

How The Narcissist Operates

The narcissist relishes his ability to control the emotions, thought process and actions of his victims. He very often enlists the assistance of “flying monkeys” or enablers to assist him in achieving his goal in manipulating and controlling you. This manipulation largely has to do with controlling how you see yourself. Generally the ideal victim will have a good dose of insecurities which the narcissist can use to exploit and as I said control and manipulate. I liken them to Dracula the living dead. They have no qualms about seeing you hurt, they have no empathy for you or anyone else. They feign any emotions of love and caring. They feed off narcissisistic supply ie your reactions towards them. If you feel pain as a result of their actions, they feel empowered. If you are angered at their actions or words, they feel empowered. They love the attention you give them, whether that is adoration, love, respect or hate, fear, loathing. Your attention reminds the narcissist that he exists! An effective manipulator and controller relies on your trust, belief and respect in them. This sounds crazy given that they are not showing you love and respect.

Let’s take a look at the key components of the average victim( one that can be exploited)

Bracket A

●☆ Most likely an empath

●☆ Insecure

●☆ Loving and trusting

●☆ Depressed

●☆ Lonely

Other Characteristics That may Make You A victim

Bracket B

●☆ They may have great aspirations

●☆ Well liked and popular

●☆ Talented in career or other skill

Because most people in bracket A are trusting, it’s likely that the narcissist intent will not be clear for a very long time. This is because the narcissist have no qualms about lying, cheating or enlisting the help of others (who innocently believe in his “good character”)

A Crazy Example Of Narcissistic Abuse

I read about a narcissistic husband with a wife insecure because of her weight gain who would berate her for some tiny imperfection, whilst making sure there was ice cream on hand that she would resort to, to make herself feel better. This way he ensured that her self esteem regarding her weight stayed low and he stayed in control of her. After all “who else wanted a fat wife”. She in turn felt grateful to have his “loyalty”.

How To Deal With A Narcissist

Earlier I compared the Narcissist to Dracula, the living dead. In the film, in order for Dracula to take control of his impending target he first needed to be invited in through the front door. The narcissist, in order to have any form of control over us needs our explicit consent! He relies on OUR BELIEF and trust in his worth, importance and value. [Except he has no worth or importance or value in our lives] He needs us to believe and maintain the following character traits about ourselves. These are that we are:-

● Not emotionally independent

● Insecure

● Lacking in self love

● Self loathing

● Have something wrong with us

Therefore to break free from emotional bondage, the answer is to provide self love. We need to love our selves warts and all. We need to love ourselves “even” when or if:-

● we make mistakes

● we do not know how to do something

● we fail at something

● we have “sinned” in our past

● we are overweight

● we do not like the way our ears are shaped

● you fill in the gaps

Satan himself or the narcissist will use any of the above to make you feel you are undeserving of love or respect. The narcissist will love to make you feel bad about yourself because you are “guilty” of something. If you feel badly about yourself over what you have done or what you look like, you expose yourself to the narcissistic grip or hold on your life.

The narcissist is great at INVITING us to feel badly about ourselves.  Read inviting as opening the door to Count Dracula himself. A true friend or person with any decency will not be exploiting your weaknesses. A person with any decency will not be dwelling on your failures, mistakes, etc years after the event took place. Only an obsessive narcissist does this.

When Narcissists Enlist Flying Monkeys

As stated earlier these are enablers “employed” by the narcissist to bully, manipulate and control you. This leaves the narcissist with his hands clean. They would have been conditioned to believe that there is something wrong with you. Therefore like sheep they will act in unison to harass or bully or intimidate or shame you. These are weak minded individuals specifically chosen for this reason. They are not worth the dust under your feet.

The same principle applies here too. It is psychological warfare. In order for their antics to be successful you have to believe the “shit” they are secreting.

Know that Normal people with healthy self esteem do not engage in the sabotage of another human being. These people are no better than you. Do not believe for a moment that what they have is better. This is a pretence on their part. It is an illusion to make you feel unworthy. It is a trick to make you believe you are “less than” or that you lack something. It is the same INVITATION for you to open the door of your mind (opening the door to Count Dracula, the living dead) and let in self hatred, self criticism, and make you see yourself as less than your perpetrators.

Do not accept that invitation from Count Dracula!

Instead, Embrace your humanity, understand that you have your own flaws BUT most of all Love yourself unconditionally. One final thing to remember in the healing process, is that the reason the narcissist never seems to want to let go is because you have what they want. [The ability to love, grow and live a happy normal life]  The ultimate goal of the Narcissist is to destroy whatever beauty you possess. If you never believed you had something of value, or beauty of some kind then know it Now. This is why when you move on they want to unleash revenge. They are full of envy and hatred. In order for the narcissist to let go and move on, they would first need to be able to self reflect. To recognize the worst aspects of themselves. This is something they cannot face. And therefore they will always be broken. They will always be in pain. This is their karma.

Our solution is to move on with self love and confidence, peace.




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  1. Thanks for your article. I cry when i read this article because I have just been in a relationship with a narc. And it has been my wors year in my life. It has cost me a lot of time, money and energy.

    Dracula is a pretty fitting description, they litterally suck the life force out of you.

    I was a empath and I had more than enough money, so I was probaly the perfect victim for her. And I might not had enough self-respect or loved myself enough.

    Yes, don’t open the door to them. And if you have been so unlucky to go in the trap, go “No contact” as soon as possible. And NEVER belive in anything they say. They often come back and say “I miss you” and” now evrything will be so much better” an “we are meant to be togheter”. Possible they belive in it even when they say it, but every time, this “love-bombing” phase lasts shorter and shorter.

    My experiences (red flags):
    They present themselves as the world’s greatest empaths, and wil help everyone. They have had a hard time in their childhood or earlier in live. They give you excessive amount of attention in the beginning. Yes, everything about you is perfect. Futurefaking (talking about wedding, children extremly early). But just a play and a false mask. After a while they find a lots of flaws and the devalution phase starts. And you get to know their rage 🙁 Then they quit the relationship, either they disapperar or will be friends. But just for short time… My narc would be friends. You will also be exploited at all imaginable ways.

    I realized a few months after we met that something was wrong, so I educated myserlf online and read everything i could about narcissism. And felt I had the situation under control, yet she managed, for some reason, to make me lower my protection and continue to use me as narcissistic supply. I felt sorry for her, she had experienced a lot of cruelty in her life. Of course, I was stupid, and let the emotions control more than reason. It is not possible to help these people. Forget it!

    What you write about taking energy from us through provoking a reaction, yes they do it all the time. And you know what, they do it on purpose too! She told me that i was different, because I often gave no reaction when she said things to make me angry. haha. Don’t misunderstand that it wasn’t hell, but I’m good at controlling my temper.

    It is quite interesting to note how much they are lying. But, also notice, how much they accuse their victims of lying. I was constantly accused of lying. There is a totally grazy amount of projection from them. What they do themselves, they blame others for doing. And they are experts in giving us constant bad conscience. No matter if you say no to the most unreasonable wishes or demands, then you can expect extremely rage in return!
    The same applies if a narc accuses you of being “stupid” or “ugly” or “lazy”. The talk about themself.

    I will never open the door again. Even the compassionate empathy inside me has had enough.

    In retrospect, I do not understand why I have participated in this, but take it as a lesson, and will the fututere be selective with whom I help. No evryone deserves our empathy…

    Yes, they do not have the ability to self-reflect. Everything is always someone elses fault. Never theirs.. They are “perfect”.. In reality they are just a black hole..

    1. Please be strong and do things specifically do build your emotional strength engaging in positivity and the things you love to do and do not look back! In other words yes go no contact

  2. I’m quite interested in learning about people, and how they act and what they think, so when I stumbled upon your article when searching for some into about narcissism, I couldn’t be more happy. Loved how in-depth you went

  3. These type of people really do exist. I have not been in this type of relationship, a friend has. He did not want to get into another relationship for years and never left his house. These types of people can run people in the ground years after they are no longer around.

  4. I read with fear on how narcissist operates and all the details that you have provided. Though i felt uncomfortable, but I do appreciate your efforts to expose the evil aspects of the narcissist and explain on how they operate.

    1. Yes the more awareness the better if you can spot the signs you can avoid them completly, and prevent any potential ramifications, hard to avoid, if you are in some form of relationship as they trigger easily with their fragile egos

  5. Wow, I am shocked. I do know that there are abusive relationships but I don’t know it is intensive to this extent. No wonder, when some female fear the word marriage. God have mercy. Thank you for the information.

  6. Thanks for the interesting post. You made some great points. It can be very difficult dealing with a narcissist, even if you are not somebody they specifically target. I find that they are pretty prevalent in society and maybe be more prevalent depending where you live. Seems like I encounter one fairly often. Doing whatever you can to avoid them seems to be the best option however, it’s not always possible. Great tips. Thanks again.

  7. I enjoyed your information. Very deep and specific. It even makes me think of and wonder about myself. From what was written, it seems as if I am a little of both, but more of a victum, and I guess I would be a victum to myself if nothing else. I know that I am emotionally unstable and have a very low self esteem at times. Other times though, I feel as if I am focusing on myself too much. I definantly do not like to hurt people though.

    Thanks for the great information.

  8. Really informative post, it’s not easy being around a narcissist, it’s hard to stay positive yourself when around them. You might come across one sometime of another, we just best hang in there and stay around the people that matter. Very deep and interesting post.

  9. A narcissist is someone who’s so intensely concerned with only his or her own self or interests and who seems to forget that others exist. There are plenty of this kind of people in the world, they even occupied the highest office in the land.

    Narcissist normally suffers from low self-worth which leads to feelings of inferiority They tend to use narcissism as a defense mechanism to prevent further hurt that they may have encountered in the past. They need to feel superior by belittling and controlling others emotion.

    They are best avoided, being close to them only adds fodder for their narcissism.

    1. Yes they are best avoided, and yes they do suffer from extrememe low self worth, thank you for your contribution ahearst

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