It’s ok

It’s ok not to know. It’s ok to be who you are today. It’s ok to feel insecure. It’s ok to feel the way you feel. It’s ok. I want you to be you and be comfortable in your skin without the permission of anyone else.

If someone is poking fun(and I dont mean teasing in a loving way), they are inadvertently saying it’s not ok to be different. What they are actually saying is that you must conform. Actually you dont have to conform. You do have to be yourself at one with yourself. Whatever that means to you. Give yourself permission to be free. Give yourself permission to be lazy if and when you choose to be. (I am not talking about being lazy on the job though, wink). I am talking about freedom of expression …if your job impedes this then perhaps it is the wrong job.

It is important to be free in spirit, free in action, free in every way that is important to you. This is one of the best forms of self love. If we cannot allow ourselves freedom, then it is like having a mental, spiritual, physical jailer. No we need to be kind to ourselves.

Say yes when we want to and no when we dont. Follow that inner guide, that inner spirit. The intuition that so often gets ignored either because we let logic get in the way, or we let conformity( fear get in the way). Live your best life now. We are responsible for our bodies and spirit of course. Do not allow someone else control over your body, your spirit, your emotions. You are a free human bring. Love your body, mind and spirit. Nurture it and give it what it needs to thrive. I can tell you it does not need to be controlled or domineered.

Those who would judge, judge themselves and they do it harshly too. No, you do not need to endure this kind of pressure. It is needless. You hamper and upset the spirit man when it feels it is being judged, instead, allow it yourself to freely be who he is. Dont box yourself in.

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