Kasina By Mindplace Review

MindPlace are an established maker of relaxation and meditation devices. The device produces beautifully soothing audio and wonderful visuals through what are called ganzframes (goggles). These ganzframes are like goggles and can be worn with the eyes open or shut. They are designed for those that are serious about rapidly getting their minds into a relaxed state. These are handy as the mind is encouraged to relax without the long learning curve of a meditation course! In fact there is zero learning curve you simply “plug in and go”and the positive shift in mood is instantaneous.

The media encourages two separate modals, which are audio or visual.

Benefits of Kasina by Mindplace

□☆ It can be used as an aid to Meditation allowing your mind and body to relax
□☆ It helps to eliminate excessive thought patterns or a busy anxious mind
□☆ It teaches the mind to become more Focussed with regular use
□☆ The device facilitates the reduction in extreme and negative states such as anger
□☆ The device facilitates and creates a positive mood
□☆ The device encourages a higher state of consciousness
□☆ Stunning audio as well as visual experience

Who Is The System Designed For

□☆ It can be used by professional therapists, as your own music can be loaded and used instead
of or in addition to what has been provided
□☆ It can be used by any individual that wishes to enhance their moods on a regular basis

Unique Features

The Kasina mindplace device (bundle) uses ganzframes, these block out unnecessary and unwanted light sources that would prevent your full enjoyment. They can be used with eyes closed or open. If you wear prescription glasses then these should be removed before using the device. Having bad eye sight is a non issue, your eyes are enveloped with a varying array of soothing colours and lights.

Other Advantages Of the Kasina Mindplace System

It is highly portable and can be used in the bedroom or the lounge. It does not require a learning process, it is simply “plug and go”. If you have tried to meditate in the past but found it too difficilt to learn then this is the equivalent “mind hack” that will enable you to achieve similar results.  At first glance the media device appears expensive, however, it costs no more than a yearly subscription to a meditation class. The difference is you get to keep this for many years into the future without additional cost and the benefits are instantaneous.

The Pros of The Kasina system Media Bundle

The use of rechargeable battery which lasts for 6 months at a time means its low maintenance

It comes in a beautiful portable case containing two sets of eye frames. The shades that look like sunglasses are to be used with your eyes closed. The light patterns shine through your eye lids. The larger bulkier frames can be used with your eyes open. Grab yourself a pillow, lie back, relax and enjoy. Please note that unless you purchase the bundle, you will not receive both sets of glasses. You will receive the eyes closed version if not buying the bundle.

It is a unique one of a kind effective luxury for relaxation and meditation that can be used around the home at times to suit you. The earplugs and ganzframes quickly immerse you into a soothing rich audio and visual bliss.

Cons of the Kasina system

Some may find the one off cost prohibitive

You will need to find a quiet space to effectively benefit from using the device

A version that you could use whilst running or jogging would be nice, this is not available as yet.

To take full advantage of the kasina media and its benefits, you will need to purchase the bundle which contains both sets of eye frames that you can use with eyes open or shut depending on the frames you are using. Most prefer the ganzfrsmes which is only available in the bundle.

Conclusion and Popular Opinion

The overwhelming majority of users achieve positive results from the kasina mindplace media system. It is rated four and a half stars out of five. A confidence booster in my mind! In fact if you are in a couple why not own one each and experience the sublime together!

Please leave any comments below regarding your thoughts on this technology. Peace wnd love as always



16 Comments on “Kasina By Mindplace Review”

  1. This is a subject close to my own heart! I love meditation. I suffer from sever anxiety and often use a ‘confidence’ meditation app when things are looking bleak for me. I will definetly check out Kasina!


  2. Wow, that’s seems to be a revolutionary way to clear your thoughts. I could use something like that as I tend to think about 100 things at the same time, this could help me focus on one thing and get ideas more easily compared to when my brains are overworked

  3. Wow, this is exceptionally cool! I never knew that this existed before now. I love how portable it is, everyone can use a little escapism on their breaks at work, right? I know I could. I have a hard time with meditation and having something visual I think would be a great help! Thanks for the article.

  4. Meditation is a great way to clear the clutter in your mind. Having the right sounds with the ability to block out distractions that can block your concentration is great.
    Are there any headsets that have the ability to store the music so that you would have less to pack when you are meditating. I sometimes like to walk or run and listen to my meditation music.

  5. I could definitely use this Kasina to find peace and tranquility amidst the daily constant rush of a student’s life. Maybe mind can slow down a little bit and able to sleep soundly at night instead of stressing for something that may not even happen

    Thanks for the info Ann

  6. Wow, I had no idea that device like that exists. These days so many people are suffering from stress and anxiety, this device can help to eliminate that. It has so many other benefits such as help to meditate, reduce anger, create positive mood. Because I’m wearing glasses one of the most important features for me is that I could wear it without my prescription glasses and that will not effect the quality. How long does one meditation session last using this device? Thank you for great review!

  7. This device looks too good to be true! I constantly struggle with finding a peaceful environment to meditate in and this would greatly increase my options. Thank you for the great information.

  8. For someone like me who’s mind is all over the place, I like this way of calming the mind. I do travel around a lot so being it’s portable is extremely beneficial for me. That’s wonderful this is easy to learn as well because some meditation courses can definitely take some time.

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