Manifestation And The Subconscious. Change Your Subconscious Mind

Giving up on manifestation is like giving up on life itself. I will present a few ideas of my own so that you never give up and you will begin to see the fruits of your “labour”. I remember a quote from the bible:-

“where there is no vision the people perish”

I was aware of this quote for many years before actually understanding this as a biblical manifestation quote. It seems that all the great self help or self development books and now manifestation books have expropriated their best ideas directly from the bible. This is whether they know it or not. There is much wisdom in the bible, but it has not necessarily been explained in a way that our popular culture will grasp and want to run with.

I have to be honest now that I have read “manifestation books” I now see that verse in a new light. It now has added poignancy. I can see where the ideas of visualisation and manifestation came from.

“Where there is no vision the people perish”

Clearly we were meant to imagine and see with our minds eye things which we wished to become a part of our lives. As children we often day dreamed but this was always discouraged. We were always made to feel that the imagination was just a childish thing and an over indulgence in our selves.

Now as an adult it feels like I have come full circle. Yes we are supposed to dream and imagine. The bigger the better. So I have been making conscious efforts to make manifestation a center piece of my life.

The funny thing is that we are manifesting every day of our lives. Unfortunately many of us have been manifesting what we do not want instead of what we do want.


Many that have given up on the reality of manifestation have done so because the link between their subconscious and conscious minds have not been fully understood.

The subconscious governs over 90% of our daily thoughts and actions. These thoughts and actions are automatic, they occur without our paying attention. When we drive a car this is mostly done in our subconscious mind. It has become an automatic action/behaviour. Our heart beating and our breathing are done on a subconscious level. In other words we do not think about it or pay conscious attention to these activities.

When we have a desire that we want to become a part of our reality and it is not happening, it is because there is a conflict with what is in our subconscious mind and our conscious mind.

If we “secretly” feel we will never be able to do xxxxx but yet we desire it. It will never come to pass.

If we would love to become a famous singer but subconsciously we hate the limelight/crave privacy then we need to work on removing those “blocks” or subconscious thoughts that hamper our vision for ourselves.

Crucially though there are likely many subconscious beliefs and thoughts we have that are not even consciously aware of that stops us from attaining oou highest dreams. These thoughts and beliefs have been embedded from an early age and will need a “shovel” to uncover and excavate these thoughts.

The “shovel” for renewing and escavating these old subconscious thoughts can be done by completing daily morning pages. I have written about this highly effective exercise in another post.

Alternatively, we can do repetitive visualisation and positive phrase exercises. These need to be done several times daily.

These phrases will be personal to you. For example, if you wished to be a great singer. Your daily phrase might be. “I sing beautifully to standing ovations each time I sing.” Add your imagination to this and see the happy faces in the audience rising to clap and cheer you on. If your desire is to attract a wonderful partner, your daily phrase might be, “I have met the man of my dreams who adores me and whom I adore”. You can visualise your smiling loving partner, going on long walks together.

In doing these forms of exercises we are turning ourselves into human magnets. We are learning to attract what we are becoming ourselves. Note we do not attract the desire, the desire comes first. After the desire has been initiated, we install new habits, new thought patterns. These new thoughg patterns after a while become our new self and this is what we attract.

“For where there is no vision, the people perish”. Recall this verse as a trigger or reminder to visualise your highest dreams.

Example positive affirmations and positive thoughts to reprogram your mindset.

“I am worthy to receive abundance and joy every single day”

“I love and accept myself daily regardless of any and all flaws”

Remember also to do the work that your dream requires! If you wish to be a singer, you may want to employ a coach, take lessons, join a choir. Hone your skills in your desired area.

The reason repetition is important is because, it has taken a lifetime to build up those thoughts that have become subconscious. We now have to undo those old subconscious thoughts that have become habit. Replace them with new habitual thoughts and images. In time the new repeated habitual phrase and images will form our new subconscious!

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