Oh No What’s Happened?

This morning I was inspired after reading an article by one of my favourite meditation writers and teachers Giovanni over at liveanddare who used the phrase I dont know maybe as its main theme of the article. Its message is so fantastic and sobering. I will paste it here below:-

“Sometimes we look back in life and feel that was nothing like I expected, yet everything I needed. Yet when it was happening, we were probably angry or disappointed. It doesn’t need to be so.

A wise man lost his favourite horse, and the neighbors were saying “Ah, that’s bad”. He replied: “I don’t know. Maybe.” 

The following day the horse appeared again, together with many other horses. The neighbors said “Ah, that’s good!”. He replied: “I don’t know. Maybe.”

His son, playing with one of the new horses, fell down and broke his leg. The neighbors interpreted this as unfortunate. The wise man replied: “I don’t know. Maybe.” 
One week later, the country was in sudden war, and every young man in the village was needed to fight. His soon was exempted, because his leg was broken and he could not even walk properly. The neighbours said he was a lucky man. But he said: “I don’t know. Maybe.” 

We know very little about what a given event means to us – be it a fight, an unexpected turn of events, losing a job, whatever. Yet we insist in holding on to expectations about future events, and interpretations about past events. This keeps our mind littered with needless thoughts, and blinded to see things in a different perspective.”

I hardly need elaborate on what been said as the message is so clear. In my mind, the message is we stress too much on the small stuff. It is also saying that if we looked at things a little differently we would not carry do much negative energy within our bodies. If we saw things a little differently there would be no need for us to be so judgemental or critical of others.

If we could only awaken just s little bit more we might see that it’s not do bad after all. I mean maybe we still have our health and loved ones or something we can be grateful for. Maybe all that is required is to be a little more patient with our selves and others. Maybe all that is needed is more love and understanding and less finger pointing.

Yes I can see how viewing things with eyes wide open and a different perspective can even turn a potentially angry situation into a peaceful one if we could maybe put ourselves in somebody elses shoes.

A little more perspective I believe will create more peace and love within.

Please share your own thoughts on the matter remembering not to be critical 😃😉😁

Peace and love to all.

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