What is manifestation

Destiny Tuning Review

Destiny tuning is an advanced method of manifestation. It is used as a tool to provide any change or improvement in your life that you desire. This can range from ■♤ A desire to lose several pounds or many, ■♤ An improvement in monetary situation, ■♤ A better love life. ■♤ Improved Health ■♤ Success in Career or business Goals ■♤ Heightened Mind Pattern Vibrations Initially this may feel like hype, it seems unbelievable that one is able to use this to achieve so many different types of goals. Having …

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Cure anxiety, eliminate fear

What is The Best Way to cure Anxiety and Fear

Anxiety is a symptom of fear, it is fear that I will be discussing in this mind development series. Fear along with Self esteem issues are the two most crippling emotions one can experience. The “cure” in my lifelong learning of the subject does not involve drugs or medication. I will be dicussing fear in relationships in this post. I will use my experience in a former workplace setting as a template for my discussion in how to rid oneself of fear.  My Experience With Fear and Anxiety Many years …

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Let go of the past

How To Stop Looking Back And Let Go

This is another in the mind development series called how to stop looking back. We have already established that we can control our minds through the channel of visualisation. Through knowing that we have as much control over our minds as we do when we get into the driver seat of a car. We should also know that this knowledge of our own ability to control is not subject to external environment. The shittier our environment, the more likely it is that we simply give up control. Do not give …

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Condescending people

Why Are People Condescending

This topic is part of the mind development series I will be adding to on a weekly basis. We can consider condescending behaviour an affliction. Typically the condescending remarks are made to make us feel small or inadequate. Unfortunately these remarks do go for the jugular and can be as pointed and sharp as a well formed arrow to the chest. The person passing the comment may be exploiting a weakness in us that they have identified. And as a result we feel a tinge like someone has just deliberately …

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What is The Power of Thoughts

What is the power of thought is a part of the mind development series. Our minds are a powerful instrument able to propel us forward through motivating ideas, or keep us stuck through negative or depressing ideas. Thoughts seemingly appear in our heads randomly and automatically on full throttle throughout the day everyday. It almost seems as though we have no control over the thoughts that appear because they happen so quickly.  Within milliseconds of a passing thought a new thought will appear. In actual fact we are the ones …

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Why do morning pages

Morning Pages Benefits

Morning Pages are a powerful mind development tool most notably for anxiety and stress as well as to increase self awareness. From a personal point of view the process has taught me who I am and enabled me to dig deep to find out why I am who I am. It has brought me to a place of personal acceptance. In this famous scene with Andy Dufrane in the shawshank redemption “get busy living or get busy dying”. I believe it is at this point that Andy has finally come …

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How to Control Anger in Relationships

HOW TO CONTROL ANGER IN RELATIONSHIPS This is another topic in the mind development series. When you first fell in love, the honeymoon period of the relationship must have felt surŕeal, wonderful, joyful. It varies how long this will last between couples, it all depends on how suited you are to each other. There is a certain amount of give and take in every relationship, those demands we make of each other are both physical and emotional. And at the start of the relationship it feels like a drug induced …

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Anger Control Activities For Adults

This topic in the mind development series addresses anger control activities for adults. Most of us do not realise how powerful we actually are, so instead of “manning up”, we allow our emotions to take control of us. Know that you are in control of your behaviour and your emotions even though it may not feel that way. The reason it does not feel that way is because we do not trust in our abilities, we do not believe in ourselves. We have to believe that we are so much in …

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LIVE AND LET LIVE! This topic within our mind development series addresses how to accept the choice of others. “It is what it is”. This is my favourite expression when I remember it Lol. Choose your fights wisely. There are some things we have zero control over. Do not create angst for yourself by non acceptance of something you cannot change! Be mindful of areas in your life where you are banging your head against a brick wall perhaps trying to change someone that cannot or will not change. Even …

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Biblical Meaning Faith And How to Achieve It

The highest level of mind development is achieved when one is able to fully embrace the biblical meaning of faith. It’s definition comes from Hebrew 11:1 “Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen” This definition makes it clear that we are talking about something much stronger than “hope”. It uses the words conviction of things not seen. In other words our belief in something is so powerful that there is no room for doubt. This type of belief shields us from:- -feeling deflated …

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