Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind

This is a journey well worth the undertaking for those that are in pain. I actually came across the solution to reprogramming my subconscious mind many years before I would apply it to my life.

Having a blade attitude towards most things back then I did nothing with the formidable tool I found myself with. By pain, I mean emotional pain which has many disguises and many labels. These labels include


Obsessive thinking


Easily being offended

Being easily Angered

Generally feeling down

These are just the tips of the iceberg and are common for many of us. The ways we get round feeling bad are by over eating, drowning ourselves in alcohol addiction or unhealthy lashing out without really realising what we are doing.

There is a way which I have talked about extensively elsewhere but I thought that I would broach the subject again.

There is an epidemic of people falling into the matrix of dark energy emotions and once there it is not easy to pull ourselves free. The Negativity we drown our selves in becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. We feel bad and therefore we adopt even more negative speak and actions. We therefore need a way to break free of this cycle. Good quality accessible and easily applicable methods to reprogram the subconscious mind take a little digging for. Also consider the method must suit your personal requirements.

The method I suggest and which I use is very easy and thankfully addictive in a good way.

Dont worry that you are seeking assistance, you are not alone. Everybody has flaws that they could be working on. If you are made to feel badly as someone is finger pointing at you, then they need to get off their self righteous high horse right?


As simple as the solution is, it is powerful. Do not dismiss it. The way to reprogram your subconscious mind is to write a personal journal each morning containing your free flow of thoughts.

Bear with me as I explain the process and why I believe it is so powerful.

Each morning spend about 15 minutes writing down anything and everything which comes to mind. This should be recorded in your journal. Write three pages of A4 per day every day. You will begin to feel lighter within the first week of journalling.

This is because you will be off loading many and ultimately all of those heavy thoughts onto paper and out of your system!


This method works because it shines the light on your problems, its root causes and also the solution. It’s amazing how once we begin to write, it’s as if we are being guided by a personal angel and mentor.

The root of the problems, not just the problem itself becomes magically highlighted. Becoming self aware is key to living a life free of pain.

The reason why you are engaged in addictive thinking and behaviours become crystal clear as well as the solution. In our heart of hearts we already know the answers we seek. This is a simple way of arriving at those answers through love and without resistance or judgement.

Even if in our journalling we are being critical of ourselves, we are speaking our truth at that time and flushing out what needs to be flushed out of our minds .

The process is a cathartic one. It is an act of self love. A process which allows us to feel what we feel and to say what we want to express. Again, this process leads to self awareness. Once the genie is out of the bottle and you have become conscious, you are by definition awake. No longer dumbed down and acting automatically out of pain.

Your subsequent thoughts and accompanying actions are then more in alignment with your true nature. That is your healed beautiful nature. This does take time. Nothing great happens over night. However, you will begin to notice positive changes within your first week. The longer you do this the better and deeper the results.

Do not be dissuaded or discouraged from seeking your higher self. You could also use meditation which bypasses facing the issues head on. This too is a semi long process.

Journalling will cost you the price of a notepad and pen and your time and commitment. Trust me that it is worth the time and “work”. After all what is the alternative?

I have posted in another article the benefits of morning pages that you could also read and watch mini video clip.

I also speak in another post about meditation for beginners.

Please make yourself at home and leave a nice comment if you liked my work. Peace

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