Are You king And Queen Of Your Empire

The answer to “Are you king and queen of your Empire?” should be a resounding yes! The empire that I speak of is not land, people or any object that you might think. If you have read any of my work you will know or have guessed that the empire I speak of is your mind. I think we are all crazy at least some of the time. So crazy that we live way beneath our true potential, becoming addicted, depressed, doing what we know to be wrong but doing …

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How To Manifest A Desire With Confidence

The question of how to manifest a desire is a huge topic to be discussed. It involves the development of the mind and the ability to receive information we need from the universe. It uses a wide array of tools including  audio, imagery and simple written exercises to get us to a state where we are able to manifest.  But, In order to get to a state where we are manifesting true abundance, prosperity and blessings, we first need to clear any mental blockages. In removing these stumbling blocks we manage …

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