How To Manifest A Desire With Confidence

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The question of how to manifest a desire is a huge topic to be discussed. It involves the development of the mind and the ability to receive information we need from the universe. It uses a wide array of tools including  audio, imagery and simple written exercises to get us to a state where we are able to manifest.  But, In order to get to a state where we are manifesting true abundance, prosperity and blessings, we first need to clear any mental blockages. In removing these stumbling blocks we manage to raise our positive vibrations, improve our health and much more. One blockage that I will be discussing today is having a critical mindset and judging other people. This is so common we don’t often realise we do it, so is a great place to start.

If you do not wish to look at clearing blockages you can skip this and look at part 2 how to manifest a desire effectively

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