How To Manifest A Desire Effectively

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This is the second post in how to manifest a desire. Manifestation is the most advanced part of the mind development series that enables us to receive information we need direct from the universe. Manifestation improves health and brings forth success and abundance in our daily lives. It starts with enhancement of the mind leading to good energy vibrations. It provides peace and above all clarity of mind

Bradley cooper in the movie limitless experiences a powerful rush of almost “inhuman” clarity in the clip where he states

“…Somehow my unconciousness served that up a memory I’d never even recorded or was it there the whole time? All I needed was the access..”

We have all received this form of “all knowing information” in the past through instinct and intuition. We just knew that we knew! Have you ever wondered where this information came from? There is a “super universal” intelligence from which we can and do draw information from. It’s this natural intuition we are all gifted with but use too rarely. In part one of the what how of manifestation we looked at how we can limit our ability to manifest by having negative attitudes and thinking limiting thoughts. In particular we looked at how having a critical mind can lower our vibrational frequency. Today I want to look at an example of how we can raise our vibrational frequency. I will be discussing how to think well of ourselves and keep ourselves encouraged throughout the day. Unfortunately we cannot hope to arrive at our desired destination without preparing ourselves. A baby first learns to crawl before he can walk. It is the same with manifestation.

When learning the power of Manifestation we go through a full course, which makes use of a complete array of tools, such as audio(binaural beats), imagery exercises, and detailed explanatory notes and sometimes videos clips depending on the course you choose. Here I will only be discussing a feel good element necessary in manifestation

8 Comments on “How To Manifest A Desire Effectively”

  1. Your content is interesting. There is encouragement throughout your writing. Many people can be overwhelmed by subjects involving the mind. Positive personal insight may sound more relatable to many readers.

  2. I’ve been trying to start something new lately in my life. Something I have never done before.
    Gotta be honest, It’s a little scary. There are a lot of self doubt and negativity involved.

    I’m glad I find your article and just by reading it has boosted my energy level. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Thank you for sharing Wei work hard on your new venture and i know you will succeed i am so glad it helped, peace, ann

  3. I really enjoyed this article and I have been trying to practice this myself, but I do have to say it is hard at first especially when you seem to have a run of “bad luck”….

    I watched The Secret a while back and it tuned me into the idea and I see more and more about it all the time. It definitely seems like something I could get into, thanks for this great article.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to respond Amanda, keep plugging away, read and surround yourself with positivity it truly does generate positive mind and health benefits as a minimum, peace

  4. I needed this boost of energy. Mine has definitely been off lately and I have not wanted to do anything, zero motivation. I find your posts very uplifting and a great read. Keep up the great work!

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