Vibrating Bracelet for Meditation

Meditation bracelet

In this post I will display vibrating bracelets and discuss how these can be used for the purposes of meditation. I will also display some popular traditional healing meditation braceletes.

Vibrating Bracelets are the new functional jewellery. They are a unique and beautiful way of reminding us to come into the present moment by vibrating at preset intervals. They are made from a variety Semi Precious Stones, such as Jasper, Jade, Quartz and even Wood. Meditation bracelet

In this way they can complement any outfit, or if you have no preference for a particular stone, perhaps you will be drawn to a particular shade of Semi Precious Stone instead.

Each bracelet is handmade in the USA giving you the option to have an inscription if wanted. The bracelet is light weight and you can set it to vibrate at intervals that suit you.

These vibrating bracelets make a beautiful gift for your loved ones or for yourself.

Having Your Vibrating Bracelet Custom Made

There are a few options for having your bracelet customised to suit your taste and physical fit which we will look at as follows:-

Wrist Size Selection

Below are average wrist size measurements. Half an inch is added for the actual bracelet measurement.

6 inches

6.25 inches

6.5 inches

6.75 inches

7 inches

Or custom wrist size

Vibration Interval

This can be set to either 60 minutes or 90 minutesMeditation bracelet

Capsules Colour for Your Bracelet

This is the section of the bracelet that holds the battery.

It can be clear (transparent) and contain a phrase of your choice, or no phrase so that the inner battery working are displayed or it can contain a photo.

It can be black showing no phrase, picture or inner battery working.

Vibrating Bracelet Capsules Phrases

Selection of phrases to be shown within the capsule if having a clear capsule

You can choose from

Be the love

I am love

I got this




Or have a custom phrase of your own

Spacer Bead Selection Meditation bracelet rose quartz

Gold Coloured Buddha head

Copper Coloured Buddha head

Sterling silver center bead

Dangle love charm

Vibrating Bracelet Precious Stone Options 

8mm Sri Lanka Moonstone

8mm Faceted Rose Quartz

8mm Red Jade

8mm Malt Crystal Quartz

8mm Green Jade

8mm lighter Green Jade

8mm Faceted Aventurine

Vibrating Bracelet Dangle Charm Options

OM symbol coin copper cast

On symbol coin Tierra cast silver

Tierra cast Buddha Head Antique Gold

Tierra cast Buddha Head Silver

There is also an additional resource kit that can be purchased. It contains a mini screwdriver and battery. The batteries last for approximately six months.

Recommended Usage

When the bracelet vibrates:-

■☆ take a long deep breath in and hold for a few seconds

■☆ breathe out slowly,

■☆ pay attention to the breath as you breathe in and out

■☆ repeat 10 times

☆☆ Alternatively you could use the vibration as a reminder to repeat positive phrases you would like to remember and reprogram into your mind.

Traditional Meditation Bracelets

There are also the traditional meditation bracelets with no built in battery that are used for the purposes of healing, love, compassion. These have many advocates that swear by their effectiveness. Do you have a particular favourite that you are drawn to? I have highlighted some of the most popular ones below.

The vibrating bracelets are a great investment in yourself or rather in your peace of mind. If you find yourself over thinking more often than you would like, or stressed these are the perfect meditation aid. For more information and pricing click here

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