Why I do Morning Pages

I am in the habit of doing morning pages (a form of journalling )most days though not every single day. I find it a great practice to do as it is like holding up a mirror yo your soul. In doing do it show you what you are afraid of and why, it shows you all those little insecurities. It shows you all the reasons that make up why you are who you are at this moment in time.

Over time you learn to eradicate and overcome the fears you once had. It is an exercise in personal growth at a really personal level. It is great because it can be done when it is convenient to you. It helps yo wash the soul clean. Not that you ever really cleanse everything that needs to be cleansed. It is an ongoing process. But you learn to much about yourself. In learning about yourself you begin to learn about others too. That is because essentially we are all the same, all flawed with little insecurities and fears we would either hide or we would rather were not there. Though the truth of the matter is that dome of yhe things that hold us back are so deeply rooted we cont even realise they are there until many months after we have begun journalling, sometimes years.

It is effectively another way to meditate, it is a simple way to meditate, once done properly and consistently and without judgement. I have had so many moments of self discovery and life discovery moments whilst participating in the practice. Do much do that it kind if becomes a habit. It is helpful and effective so why not do it? There is nothing to lose but time I guess. That is the one thi g that holds people back from doing it. Few want yo ditto down and actually journal. But the thing is you spend that same amount of time worrying, panicking, stressing that you might as well simply journal and turn it into an event that satisfies.

If you knew you had the answer to all your worrying and stressed, would you not want to partake? Actually you do have the answers, that’s the thing we believe we do not m do we may pick up the phone to speak to a friend that yes might help but you know you ten times better than that friend ever will. You have all the answers. I am not talking about things like filling in forms or finding out about how to do certain processes. I am talking about the deep issues about your life and things you struggle with to do with your past, your history that only you know the answers to.

Take the challenge, fo it for twenty days straight and I am sure you will learn a hell of a lot as well as clearing some of the mind clutter that builds up from day to day.

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